News Event Monitoring

To obtain a comprehensive overview of all relevant events during the data collection period, we conduct news event monitoring.

In collaboration with the media monitoring platform Event Registry, news articles from around the world, including all metadata such as the publication time and outlet, as well as article sentiments, are accessed and matched with the social sentiment data.

Based on the main topics outlined in the online questionnaire, such as the energy crisis and the war against Ukraine, we record relevant events occurring over the survey period systematically. Events are considered relevant if they are strongly covered by the media and self-contained in terms of time, meaning that coverage levels off again after a temporary, strong increase (a “peak”). The assignment of an event to the German- or English-speaking area and its main topics of interest determine its relevance to the project.

The identified events are then considered over time in conjunction with social media monitoring data and survey data collected. The aim is to illustrate which events have the potential to influence social opinion dynamics and moods, if at all.

Foto von Luke Chesser auf Unsplash


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