Thesis on SOSEC

Analyzing a survey on political and socially relevant topics

Write your thesis based on a unique data set and tackle current socially and politically relevant issues.

The Power of AI

Guest Article in the "Tagesspiegel"

Dr. Jonas Fegert, Prof. Dr. Christof Weinhardt und Prof. Dr. Achim Rettinger veröffentlichen einen Gastbeitrag im Tagesspiegel zu den gesellschaftlichen Herausforderungen der KI. Ihr Appell: Technologien dürfen gesellschaftliche Konflikte nicht verschärfen!

Podcast Episode on Disinformation in Times of Crisis

Christiane Hoffmann, Caroline Lindekamp, and Achim Rettinger joining Dr. Jonas Fegert on the HoPCast

In the latest episode of the HoPCast SOSEC's Dr. Jonas Fegert and his guests discuss disinformation in times of multiple crises

Video Analysis

by the German newspaper "Tagesspiegel"

In a short video, the Tagesspiegel summarizes some findings from SOSEC shortly before the 2024 European elections.

SOSEC at re:publica 2024

Dr. Jonas Fegert presents our research project.

Jonas Fegert presented SOSEC at this year's re:publica and spoke about authoritarian tendencies in democracies.

FZI Spring Festival

The discussion at this year's Spring Festival revolved around social polarization and cooperation between academia and journalism.

News Article

by the German news paper "Tagesspiegel"

On May 15 and 17, new articles with findings from SOSEC appeared in the Tagesspiegel and Tagesspiegel Background respectively

News Article

by the Tagesspiegel

First results of the SOSEC study were published on 20.09.2023. The results show a decline in economic concerns among the German population, but also an increase in anger.

Broadcast Feature

by Hessischer Rundfunk

On 27. April 2023, Jonas Fegert discussed the social impact of generative artificial intelligence on the spread of disinformation and social polarization on Hessischer Rundfunk.

News Article

by the Tagesschau

In the Tagesschau article "AI-generated disinformation on the rise", Jonas Fegert explains the challenge of AI-generated false texts and images for the spread of disinformation and social polarization.


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