Prof. Dr. Christof Weinhardt

Project Lead

is a professor at the Institute for Information Science and Marketing (IISM) at KIT and director at the FZI. He heads the Information and Market Engineering group and the FZI House of Participation, conducting research on interdisciplinary topics related to market engineering with applications in the energy industry and digital democracy, among others. He initiated the SOSEC research project.

Dr. Jonas Fegert

Project Lead

is a department head at the FZI Research Center for Information Technology and a postdoctoral researcher at KIT with the Digital Democracy & Participation research group. At FZI, he leads the House of Participation competence center. His research focuses on digital democracy, including combating disinformation campaigns and exploring alternative platforms for citizen participation.

Prof. Dr. Michael Mäs

is a professor of Sociology and Computational Social Science at KIT. His research centers around the causes of opinion polarization on the internet and the effects of personalization algorithms, disinformation, and social bots on public debates and democratic decision-making processes.

Prof. Dr. Achim Rettinger

is a professor of computational linguistics at the University of Trier and director at the FZI. He earned his PhD from TU Munich and his habilitation from KIT, both in the field of machine learning for the evaluation of texts and knowledge graphs. His research aims to make content knowledge and patterns in external and internal communication visible by studying human communication behavior in media and companies.

Dr. Patrick Jaquart

is a postdoctoral researcher and the head of the Smart Grids and Energy Markets research group at the Institute for Information Science and Marketing (IISM) at KIT. His research focuses on developing machine learning-based solutions to challenges in capital and energy markets.

Nevena Nikolajevic

is a research associate at the IISM at KIT and an associate researcher at the House of Participation. Her research focuses on social polarization tendencies and uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) methods for knowledge discovery and representation.

Konrat Pekkip

is a research associate at FZI as well as a doctoral student at the IISM at KIT. His research focuses on the radical right in Germany and the United States, and how social media networks foster political radicalization.


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