The Power of AI Guest Article in the "Tagesspiegel"

Developing artificial intelligence in a responsible manner and advocating for its ethical, transparent and fair use is an important research concern for us at the FZI. Three researchers involved in SOSEC have now made a contribution to debates on the role of AI in our societies on the occasion of the Tagesspiegel’s “AI theme day”.

In their guest article in the German newspaper  Dr. Jonas Fegert, Head of the  House of Participation, as well as FZI directors Prof. Christof Weinhardt and Prof. Achim Rettinger develop five key theses on the potential negative impact of AI on information dissemination and opinion formation – especially in times when our liberal democracies are under pressure.

They look at five different aspects of AI – from its influence on the attention economy and the question of media content as well as built-in biases to questions of authorship and economic and political power.

In light of these challenges, they are also proposing five practicable solutions, such as
transparent and participatory technology development.

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