Podcast Episode on Disinformation in Times of Crisis Christiane Hoffmann, Caroline Lindekamp, and Achim Rettinger joining Dr. Jonas Fegert on the HoPCast

In the HoPcast, the podcast of the House of Participation (HoP) at FZI, Dr. Jonas Fegert talks to his guests about the opportunities and challenges of digital societies.

In the current edition, he discusses the role of disinformation in times of multiple crises with deputy government spokesperson Christiane Hoffmann, journalist and project manager Caroline Lindekamp from CORRECTIV and Professor for Computational Linguistics Achim Rettinger. The episode was recorded during the FZI Open House.

It offers an insight into the FZI’s research and touches in particular on questions of social polarization and social sentiments, such as fear caused by disinformation. The exchange between research, politics and journalism, illustrates the relevance of research projects like SOSEC considering the crises of our time.


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