SOSEC at re:publica 2024 Dr. Jonas Fegert presents our research project.

Approaching the 2024 European Elections, Dr. Jonas Fegert opened his presentation at the re:publica 2024, showcasing our project SOSEC (Social Sentiment in Times of Crises), with a statement on authoritarian tendencies within democracies. He explained to the audience how our long-term study examines the sentiments within societies and identifies the drivers of polarization as well as social and political divides.

Among others, the study aims to answer the following questions:
– What is the course of polarization?
– What are the trigger points?
– How are fear, crisis, anger and right-wing tendencies connected?

The aim is to use an innovative research design to capture the social sentiments and predict potentially negative tipping points in order to identify developments and threats to democracy and develop effective countermeasures.

– Dr. Jonas Fegert, (FZI department head)
Hendrik Lehmann (Verlag Der Tagesspiegel)
Lea Frühwirth (CeMAS – Center für Monitoring, Analyse und Strategie)
Emily Gossmann (Universitätsklinikum Ulm (University Hospital Ulm))


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